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I've always loved movies.

Most of them suck, but some a pretty good.

Particularly the way the ones make you think.

And within the ones that make you think, I've found two basic kinds.

Where you're left with a kind of puzzle, and you need to solve it.

And you can solve it by asking questions like:

"What did that final scene mean?"

An example is the last scene from Inception.

Was he still dreaming, or was he awake?

This is one scene that can be interpreted in many ways.

And like a well written story, either choice, awake or dreaming, are supported by the facts that ONLY exist within the story.

This leads to a surface level "agree to disagree," but a much deeper agreement.

The agreement that it was a good movie worth talking about.

But some movies go much deeper.

They kind of force you to think in terms of "game theory."

If this meant X, and then later that X was displayed this way, then the whole theme of the movie is Z.

On the other hand, if it really meant Y, and then that later scene really meant Q, which means the entire theme was W.

These are the very well written movies where nobody is even sure of what happened.

My favorite "flavor" of this last type is the "was that real or was the character hallucinating?" question.

That we tend to agree on "good" movies, "really good movies" and "spectacular movies" is an indication we all have the same AFFINITY for ideas or stories that are both complex and entertaining.

This is, essentially, what makes a classic.

Nobody can sit down and "write" a classic.

Any book, movie, play, poem, or other piece of art MUST be "tested" by time.

Ideas that are judged "high quality" over many generations have SOMETHING about them that is intriguing that is BEYOND language, or culture of technology.

This is a function of our "collective memory."

Things that are interesting or worthy (whatever that means) will STAY in people's brains.

This that are boring, or superficially interesting will slip in and out.

The more complex YOUR brain is, the more you'll appreciate everything.

The more capably you can describe the THOUGHTS in your complex brain, the more people will admire you.

For our species, our BRAINS are our best feature.

The better shape your brain is in, the better shape you'll be in.

The better shape you can turn thoughts into words, with creative articulation, the more INTERESTING you'll become.

The more entertaining you'll become.

The more pleasing you'll become.

The more mesmerizing and attractive you'll become.

Fortunately, you can practice ALL these just like you can practice things like juggling or pushups.

Get Started:



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