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Become A Real Life Movie Hero


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One of the reasons we love fiction so much is it's much more entertaining that regular life.

From a purely instinctive standpoint, ancient stories and archetypes served to give us something to live up to.

This same idea showed in Dale Carnegie's books and trainings.

If you want to motivate somebody to do something, give them a positive idea or image to live up to.

Imagine little cave kids sitting around a fire.

They're listening to the old storyteller tell another story about hero's and monsters.

They hero kills the monster, is loved by his people, and gets the gorgeous young princess.

All the little kids hear that and think that same thing:

"That's what I want to be when I grow up."

But that idea, of watching a hero in a story, and wanting very much to BE like hero, requires an environment that both allows it and requires it.

For ancient humans, the requirements were simple.

If you don't kill, you don't eat.

But there was also the very positive motivation.

Whoever was the BEST killer, would get the BEST of everything.

Respect, admiration and plenty of sex.

This two-sided feedback loop is required.

Pain if you don't try to emulate the hero.

If you don't at least TRY to become the best hunter, you won't get squat.

The positive side of the feedback loop is also required.

The better you do, the more rewards you get.

This is why modern movies don't motivate us NEARLY as much as they used to, way back in the day.

Very few kids watch Iron Man and think:

When I grow up, I'm going to be a billionaire genius and invent all kinds of cool things.

But even then, the same drive is there.

"When I grow up, I want to do great things."

This deep drive exists in everybody.

So we'll always have this meta structure built into movie heroes.

But since we have conscious brains, and can point our decisions in deliberate directions, there is another trait we can emulate.

One that is almost ONLY found in movies.

But this trait is INSANELY compelling real life.

One because it is instinctively compelling.

Two because it is so RARE in real life.

And since trait is VERY compelling in the movies, if you CAN emulate this in real life, you will be a kind of social hero.

The super charismatic guy or gal EVERYBODY wants around.

What is this trait, specifically?

The ability to speak articulately and passionately about ANY story or topic.

It turns out WHAT you are talking about isn't nearly as important as HOW you talk about it.

Specifically when you're talking about intangible ideas and stories.

Ideas and stories that EVERYBODY has in their brains but few can describe.

So when YOU show up, and YOU describe these with energy, articulation and charisma, they'll be mesmerized.

Learn How:


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