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The idea of ideal partners is pretty compelling.

We love buddy movies.

Road trip movies.

Especially road trip movies where the two characters are very different.

This story is as old as time.

This is also the basic theme of the movie "Green Book" which won best picture.

Look through any half baked ads in online dating and you'll find people looking for a "partner in crime."

If you've been to state line between California and Nevada, this is where they have the famous car of Bonnie and Clyde.

One of the most accurate movies about sociopaths, according to psychologists is "Badlands" with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.

A couple who went on a killing spree.

Whether it's about good guys or bad guys, we love a partner movie.

Maybe it's because we live in a universe governed by duality.

The whole "Yin Yang" idea is based on duality.

Good and bad.

Night and day.

Winter and Summer.

Even the word "Sun" and "set" are based on ancient Egyptian mythology.

The eternal battle between light and dark.

One of the theories of "God," which is also in the TV show "Westworld" is the idea of the "bicameral mind."

That way back in the day, when our self awareness started to wake up, we  heard one half our of brain talking to the other half.

One side was the "self."

The other side was some kind of "god voice."

We talk to ourselves all the time.

Out loud and silently.

The idea is that the first self aware humans who did this didn't realize they were talking to themselves.

This is one theory as to how we "invented" the idea of god.

Just a theory, of course but an interesting one.

Then there's the idea that we have two halves of our brain.

That some of us are right brained.

Creative, metaphorical, artistic.

Others are more left brained.

Scientific, logical, rational.

Of course, we need both.

That's why we like teams and partners.

The super hero duos.

The groups of hero's, like the seven samurai, the original star wars group (Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, Obi Won and the two droids).

We all inherently recognize that groups or pairs are better than individuals.

But what if you could BE a super hero pair?

What if you could COMBINE your two minds?

So you could be creatively logical?

Or logically creative?

What would THAT do for you?

What could you DO with this superpower?

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