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George, great two first dates, but...what do you suggest?


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Hi George, I've been listening to Romantic Dates and a few other relationship videos.


I've had two first dates with two different men in the past week and each brought me a lovely gift. 


This is wonderful, but I'm finding first dates to be kind of frustrating and I'm really really ready to be

a couple, to have a significant other, my one (or two) ideal men courting me and only me for marriage,

or even a love at first sight connection and we waltz off into the sunset.


Which video do you recommend that I listen to for this -- to meet my ideal guy, love at first sight

and we become a couple or have a relationship?




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Give these a try. (In addition to any dating / romantic / sex ones you're currently using) They're a mix of attractive qualities, as well as giving you a "long term view" that would kill any short term neediness. You may not notice it, but if you are too eager to jump into a relationships, you might be sending out a vibe to push them away. But if you are sending out a "I'm happy with myself" vibe along with "I'm sexy and attractive" vibe, they'll be more likely to chase you. Which will give you more choices for your dream lover.






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Seems like you never got set up in the Members Area


(It's not automatic, I need to do it manually, as not all forum members are Video Members. I've just added you)


Please see instructions on how to sort through the titles here:




And those links above should work now for you.

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I just want to date although in the future I want to find my dream guy.

I'm fine at the start & I sometimes attract great guys but THEN I get needy - not straight away or even on the first date or so.

Point being, do you think those suggested titles might help me too?

I know I can sometimes be perfect girlfriend material as a rule but when the guy is my type big time after a little bit I can turn a little

needy, obsessive & insecure yes & jealous EVERYTHING I am NOT supposed to be!  So might those titles help me with that? 

(Part of it is post divorce stuff ugh but I guess that I WAS married & it also ended amicably and by me & due to circumstances, actually & we are still good friends I guess kinda shows me I CAN be amazing in relationships, he was very happy with me.  But since then oh my god and I've always had these tendencies but it's more IN a relationship or after a while of seeing someone although once they showed up on the first meeting EW.

I want to become massively secure! 

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George, Please can you add me to the members area also so that I can do searchable videos, use those links and so on.  I will also see if I can find those videos in the member videos in the mean time.  Thanks!





Thank you so much! Pleased to hear that they will be helpful for me too & thanks for your reply.  GOOD! 

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