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The human imaginations is incredible.

We can imagine things far more amazing than the things that actually exist.

This can get us into trouble.

In ancient times, this hyperactive imagination was a fantastic force of motivation.

A bunch of guys were hungry and out looking for food.

All the ladies, kids and old people were back at camp, hoping they'd get something.

If they DID, they'd be treated like rock stars.

And maybe even get some cave-sex from the young cave ladies.

So, they were hyper sensitive to ANYTHING that might look like food.

Any kind of animal tracks would kick off their hyperactive imagination.

This imagination of the potential benefits would be enough for them to track that animal for DAYS.

That, like most of our instincts was fantastic back then, but it really messes us up today.

Or, it CAN mess us up today.

For example, if you are a slave to your hunger instinct, you'll be very big and very unhealthy.

This is something many, many people struggle with.

It's not easy, but the rewards are magnificent if you can.

Similarly the over-excited-imagination-instinct can destroy your ego, your confidence and your self esteem.

You see a lady across the room.

She looks at you, smiles, quickly looks away.

Then she tries very hard to NOT look your way.

But once or twice, she secretly does.

You don't need to be a body language ninja to know it's ON.

This is just like the ancient evidence of a potential animal.

It's meant to MOTIVATE you, it's NOT a guarantee.

The ancient cave dudes saw some animal tracks, and were motivated by a BEST CASE outcome.

Modern dudes see a lady smile at them and are similarly motivated by a BEST CASE OUTCOME.

The problems come when you start to EXPECT the best case outcome.

This is where nice guy anger comes from.

You make the ASSUMPTION that she likes you.

That's getting her number or even sex is GUARANTEED.

So you stroll over and get LESS than what you've hoped for and get ANGRY.

Handling this is structurally similar to handling hunger.

You WANT to stuff your face until you can't move but you KNOW that will end badly.

So you RESTRAIN yourself.

You want to believe she'll be good to go, but you MUST restrain yourself.

If you can manage to restrain your caveman brain from jumping to conclusions, it will do two very powerful things.

One is you'll never build up an imagination only to be let down.

Two is when you talk to ANYBODY with a much more rational, "let me see if this person is worth talking to," attitude, you'll be MUCH more attractive.

Just that mindset will project a much stronger frame.

Somebody with enough options they don't need to beg.

The qualifier who won't just accept anything that comes this way.

Develop this frame and see the world much, much differently than the average beggar.

Learn How:



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