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Molecular Party People Theory


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One of my favorite shows from a few decades ago was the X-files.

Not just because it was about aliens or anything.

But how it was written.

Specifically, the two characters could each describe what had happened, during any particular episode, according to their own viewpoint.

The doctor could always and legitimately describe things scientifically.

The UFO guy could always describe things paranormally.

Many movies that this kind of ambiguity build in.

When it ends, nobody's sure what really happened.

Some movies are so carefully written, based ONLY on the things that happened in the movie, it could go either way.

Inception was like that.

In the end, was he finally awake, or was he still dreaming?

This is also a very common metaphor you'll find.

Are we awake, or are we dreaming?

One the coolest things about science is you get these same basic structures happening over and over.

Atoms bounce around and form molecules.

Why do they form molecules?

It's easier, from a purely energy standpoint, to exists as a molecule rather than two single atoms.

And going all the way up from this very simple structure, you can find your way into human nature.

Atoms become molecules.

Inorganic molecules become organic molecules.

Organic molecules become life.

Life replicates and makes more life.

Then a bunch of stuff happens (stuff science might never understand) and you get humans.

But humans continue this.

We bounce around and create relationships.

Stick a bunch of strangers together in kindergarten and we'll form friendships.

Stick a bunch of strangers together who've all past puberty, take your eyes off them for a second, and they'll start banging each other.

Well, not literally, but once kids pass puberty there is a WHOLE different dynamic.

A whole new level of energy.

Give them enough time, and MORE PEOPLE will pop into existence.

This, of course, has been going on since the dawn of time.

Nobody had to teach anybody how to do this.

If you took a bunch of random people from around the world, and put them on an island with enough supplies, you'd eventually get more people.

Even if they specifically chose one person each from each language.

Humans hang out, make friends, fall in love, and make more people.

Just as repeatedly as atoms will form molecules.

Nobody needs to learn how to do this.

But many of us need to REMEMBER how.

Get rid of false expectations, drop some false fears, and get in the game.

(Just be sure to bring a couple condoms... just in case...)

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