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When I was a kid, I played little league baseball.

I remember when I first learned about bunting.

But I quickly realized it wasn't as easy as I first thought.

You bunt too hard, and it rolls right back to the pitcher.

Too soft, and the catcher throws you out before you're halfway to first.

So the idea is to bunt it along the first or third base line.

But if it rolls out of bounds, it's a foul ball and a strike.

And most of the time, a bunt is supposed to be a surprise.

Not so easy!

Same goes when you're in the outfield.

If you want to throw a guy out at third, you have to first be accurate.

And it's better to bounce it once on the way instead of throwing as hard as you can.

If you throw if over the third baseman's head, you not only look like an idiot, but the other team gets an easy score.

Most everything in life is like this.

Very much like the famous song, "Love Is Like Oxygen."

Love is like oxygen, says the song.

You get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you're gonna die.

The entirety of life on Earth is like that.

Carefully calibrated to stay within a certain narrow range.

They say Earth itself has HUGE number of "Goldilocks" conditions.

If we were just a bit closer to the sun, we'd be toast.

If we were just a bit further, we'd be a big ball of ice.

Neither would support life.

Similarly, when two entities come in contact, the same rules apply.

Too much you get too high.

Not enough and you're gonna die.

Not exactly, but since those two lines rhyme, it's easy to remember.

To much positive attention, right off the bat, and you get "high."

Especially from an attractive lady.

But even when no sex is presumed, the "too much too high" law still applies.

Most everything we humans do, at least the stuff that is worth doing, takes some time learning.

Including finding about other people.

Even Icarus, the famous myth guy with the wax wings was given this advice.

Fly too high, too close to the sun, your wings will melt and you'll crash.

Anytime somebody falls too hard too soon for somebody, it doesn't end well.

This is the "too much and you get too high" response.

On the other hand, if you ONLY crush from a distance, this will give you the opposite response.

The "not enough and you're gonna die" response.

This is hard to manage.

Or it can be hard when only focus on ONE person at a time.

But when there are ALWAYS others to choose from, this will DESTROY both extremes.

Since you've got plenty of options, and you never focus on ONE person, you'll never get too high.

And since you'll always getting at least something from somebody, you won't ever die.

Learn How:



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