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One of the very first "transactions" that went down on planet Earth happened by accident.

Biologists believe the very first multi-cellular life form happened when one single celled dude tried to eat another single celled dude.

But it was kind of like the world famous "peanut butter in my chocolate" discovery.

That old commercial where one lady was walking down the street eating some chocolate.

Another dude was walking down the street eating peanut butter, from a jar.

They bumped into each other and BOOM!

A new candy was invented.

This is exactly what happened way back in the days if single celled organisms.

When that one dude crept up on another dude and tried to eat him.

Of course, he didn't really "eat" him.

He (or it) tried to surround the smaller single cell and become a bit bigger, kind of like the horror movie "the blob."

Only things didn't go as planned.

Turns out the smaller dude was pretty good and producing energy.

And the bigger dude had a very thick cell membrane.

And they ended up being the perfect team.

(Just like peanut butter and chocolate)

The little dude on the inside would provide the energy.

The bigger dude on the outside would provide the protection.

Flash forward a billion years or so, and this kind of "overlapping selfishness" happens EVERYWHERE.

Bees and flowers.

Monkeys and fruit.

Monkey see the bright colors and get excited.

Because their DNA knows that "bright colors = sweet taste."

The eat the fruit and poop out the seeds.

This is EXACTLY like bees and flowers.

One group gets the sweet stuff.

The other groups gets help with reproduction.

This is also how they think dogs went from wolves who ate people to being "man's best friend."

Overlapping selfishness.

Dogs got free food.

Humans got this perfect alarm-home-defense system.

Adam Smith even talked about this.

The butcher, the baker, the brewer don't do what they do because they give two rips about us.

They want our money.

But like bees, and monkeys and dogs, they have to GIVE us something in exchange for our money.

Bread, beer, bacon, etc.

This is how ALL LIFE works.

Even chemical bonds.

Two single atoms are better off TOGETHER than they are rolling solo.

This is also how human relationships are formed.

Through a mostly unconscious overlapping selfishness.

We like hanging around with friends and lovers because we are better TOGETHER than we are apart.

Everybody knows HOW to do this.

Little kids have been making friends with other little kids since the dawn of time.

So when you look across the room, and ASSUME that gorgeous lady has EVERYTHING, and you walk over like a beggar, you are NOT following the rules of nature.

But if you DO stroll on over there like an atom with an extra space for a electron, you ARE following the rules of nature.

This is not something you need to learn.

This is only something you need to remember.

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