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Sex Transmutation Clarification


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Good day,

I am wondering how important it is to ejaculate when pleasuring oneself to attract results into your life. 

I have been practicing sexual kung-fu which works to avoid ejaculation, experience multiple orgasms in the body, and circulate the sexual energy around your body instead of the "squirt orgasm."

What would be more effective when doing sexual transmuation? Ejaculation that may deplete one of energetic resources (plus vitamins and minerals) 2 times a week, or better to avoid it? Ejaculation is more powerful although shorter, I admit, so I feel its a fair question since we do want to utilize our magnetic force as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thank you,


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it all depends on the individual.

The general idea is to "transmute" sex energy into creative productive energy.

This means having a consistent "reserve" of sex energy.

How you create and manage that is up to personal calibration.

Some historical figures have had so much sex energy they can ejaculate several times per day and still have plenty of drive them.

Others have very little and even one ejaculation can destroy everything.


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