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The Don Draper Archetype


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One of my favorite scenes from "Mad Men," was one that wasn't a more popular one.

It had nothing to do with advertising, or any of the flowery metaphors that Don Draper is famous for.

He was in some young girl's apartments.

Some girl he was seeing.

And was on the verge of "not seeing."

And her "boyfriend" was over.

She was younger, and kind of a hippie.

Her boyfriend was kind of a hippie.

From her same socioeconomic class-level background.

Don Draper, on the other hand, was a suit wearing capitalist.

While the three of them were in the apartment, there was the obvious tension.

Two hippies, guy and a girl, both young, poor, idealistic.

Don Draper, the establishment, wealthy, powerful.

The sexual tension between the young girl and Draper, that her "orbiter" boyfriend pretended not to notice.

Outside there was a ruckus, and the cops were rousting a bunch of other "hippie types."

Draper was about to leave, and the young guy said:

What are you doing, man, you can't go out there!

The "you," he used was the general, all purpose "you."

Draper only looked at him and smiled, and said:

"No, YOU, can't go out there."

Using the much more defined YOU.

Meaning ONLY the young boyfriend hippie.

The subtext of Draper's message was that he could go ANYWHERE he wanted to.

While young, anti-establishment hippie types had to be careful.

This had two powerful meanings in one.

One is that Draper was telegraphing his "alpha status" compared to him and the lady.

But he was doing it while LEAVING.

It's one thing for two guys to be competing for the girl.

All three at a party, or somewhere.

Each trying to out-frame the other to win her approval.

But a "Draper-like" line is much more powerful.

What is he saying in one well written, short response?

I'm the alpha, and there's nothing you can do about it.

If I want, I could take your lady away from you.

I'm leaving because of my status, I'm NOT constrained to cops like you are.

This is, of course, a fictional character.

A fictional character that is PURPOSELY written to be the bad boy, scoundrel, alpha type.

In an earlier episode, back when the viewers were still learning exactly WHO Don Draper was, he said something to a lady talking about love.

He said, paraphrased:

"Guys like me (advertisers) make up ideas like that (sappy romance) about love."

If you studied all the fictional characters who get girls, not "the" girl, they have a lot in common.

This "Don Juan type" is one of many archetypes that have popped up in plenty of stories since the dawn of time.

They keep popping up because deep down, most men want to BE more like them.

How can you BE this archetype, when you want to?

Learn How:


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