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Many, many years ago, me and some buddies were planning a backpacking trip.

It was going to be a week.

What made this particular trip different was the first day.

The book that described this hike said the first day had two options.

To get over this huge pass in one day, or to take two.

We asked a bunch of experts, and they all said making it one day was difficult.

So we both trained, in our own way, to get ready.

For a while I was hitting the gym stairclimbers pretty hard.

They had these contours showing the hills coming up.

You could tell, a couple minutes ahead of time, when it would get hard, and when it would get easy.

When it was really hard, and it got easy, I always noticed it took my legs and lungs a few seconds to recalibrate.

Even though I trained hard, that hike was the hardest I'd ever done.

That first day was very long, and very painful.

But the next few days were absolutely fantastic.

On the other side of that first pass, was absolutely gorgeous.

For three days we only saw two other people.

The fishing was fantastic.

This is what you find when there are high barriers to entry.

If you can manage to make it past those high barriers, what's on the other side is fantastic.



The opposite is also true.

Things that have low barriers to entry are FILLED with folks that only want to go after the easy stuff.

Most people today are in this camp.

They only like going after the easy stuff.

But at the same time, they expect the fantastic stuff.

This is a paradox.

People feel entitled, but they also feel like they shouldn't have to do any work to get what they are entitled to.

Life is filled with harsh realities.

Harsh realities we spend most of our brain power trying to ignore.

But this ISN'T natural.

Not according to our instincts.

Our ancient programming.

Living according to our ancient programming in the modern world is HARD.

So hard, few can manage.

Take eating, for example.

It's very hard to constantly manage your hunger.

To exercise and eat healthy.

But if you CAN manage to do that, you'll BE healthier than everybody else.

This is only one aspect.

There are plenty of personality aspects.

Communication aspects.

Interpersonal aspects.

That, just like our hunger, are chaotically out of whack in today's modern, "I want everything without effort" world.

Understand, manage, and recalibrate these, and you'll see a world that FEW know exist.

With very little competition.

Learn How:


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