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Archimedes famously said, "give me a lever long enough and I'll move the Earth."

This sounds like one of those metaphysical statements, but it's really purely scientific.

If you have a lever, on top of a fulcrum, the weight you push down on one side is related to the different lengths.

If the weight you want to move is on a length 10 feet to the right of the fulcrum, and you have twenty feet on the other side, you only need to push down with half the weight's worth of pressure.

So, let's say the Earth weights 1.3 kajillion tons.

(Yeah, I know, kajillion isn't a number...)

And suppose you have a lever that is 1.3 kajillion miles long on one side of the fulcrum, and one mile on the other.

You'd only need one ton of force on one side to move the Earth on the other side.

But this is both metaphysically true AND physically true.

Leverage (the use of a lever) can give you an enormous benefit.

If you are an investor, you can use leverage to move a lot of money with only a little bit of money.

If you know secrets about somebody, they you can "leverage" that to make them do your bidding.

Often in political-mafia type movies, the various characters are always trying to "get leverage" on the other characters.

If you're a fan of modern conspiracy theories, that guy Epstein was backed by rich and powerful people.

They (politicians etc.) would come to his "pedo island" and be secretly filmed.

That would later be used as "leverage" to manipulate politicians.

This idea goes way back, both in real life and in fiction.

To send in a honey pot, seduce some king or insider, get some info on them, and then use that as "leverage" to control them.

Many "game" tactics are used to gain "leverage" over the insecurities of women.

The famous neg, and push pull, is meant to throw them off balance.

Plenty of female psychologists say these techniques ARE very manipulative, mainly because they WORK.

But there is a way you can gain a TON of leverage.

Not over her insecurities, but over her nature.

Her instincts.

AND all the competition.

Most guys are thirsty as hell.

As soon as they make eye contact they exhibit massive neediness.

If they happen to have really good looks, height and a good physique, that MAY be enough.

But there IS something YOU can develop, that will blow all those pretty boys out of the water.

She'll notice that about you right away.

And when make her chase you, she'll wonder WHAT the heck it is about you that is different from every other slobbering goof.

This will come across in how you speak to her, the questions you ask, and most importantly how you subconsciously qualify her.

And if you SPLIT before even number closing her, that will drive her CRAZY.

Learn How:


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