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Hi im hoping you can create a download to help my son with his soccer

(we call it football in the UK )

Contents :

You have amazing football skills

You make every tackle

You win every tackle

You use your skills to get past opponents

You are brave

You use your body to shield the ball

You use your hands to push opponents

You go to the ball

You want every ball

You never stop tackling

You pass the ball with pace

Your passes are always good

You want to beat every team

You strike the ball with confidence

You are strong on the ball

No one can push you off the ball

You change direction to confuse the opposition

You win every 50 50 ball

You fight for every ball

You scare the opposition

Your skills are massive

People love to watch your skills

You have lighting speed

You are the fastest on the park

You are the strongest on the park

You tackle hard

You never miss a tackle

You shield the ball with strength

You drive forward with the ball

You score with ease

People love to see you score

You score with power

You score with accuracy

You change direction quickly

You always control the ball

You are proud to beat people

You try new skills

You always work hard

You always help your team mates

You are always brave

You are always strong

Your tackles are amazing

You never stop tackling

Y ou run with the ball

You trick people with skills


Hope you can do this. My son is 8 and was picked to train with a

professional team in the UK but has lost confidence and would really

benefit from your help.

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