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There are a lot of paradoxes in modern life.

Many poets and philosophers have spoken and written about these.

The things we feel compelled to do are the absolute wrong things.

You meet a girl, you hit it off.

Then you text, and she doesn't text back right away.

You very much WANT to see her text.

You get a good feeling when she texts you.

When normal guys hook up with ladies, unless you have a long history of lady slaying, it gives you a bit of "I can't believe this is happening" feeling.

Most guys get WAY less sex than they want.

Most guys get WAY less friendly affection than they want.

So when guys do get a little bit, it seems kind of surreal.

Especially if it's NOT expected.

Sure, if you're a lady killer and you collect numbers and notches on your bedpost like crazy, it's no big deal.

But for most normal guys, this experience usually comes out of left field.

AND because sexual intimacy is the most wonderful feeling there is (so long as you're not starving to death) your instincts make you hang on for dear life.

So the moment you send a text, your "scarcity brain" goes into OVERDRIVE.

Every second that passes by, you fear the worst.

Maybe I misunderstood.

Maybe she doesn't like me like I thought.

Maybe I hallucinated the whole thing!


Then she texts back and it swings in the opposite direction.

She likes me!


Unfortunately, these is the PERFECT training scenario.

Nobody is training anybody, but it works the same.

You get RANDOM and unexpected signals.

You feel VERY GOOD when they are positive.

You feel horrible when they are dismissive or non-existence.

This creates scarcity and desperation.

So you send a kajillion texts over the next few minutes.

This does the OPPOSITE Of what you want.

What SHOULD you do?

The opposite of what you WANT to do.

If you look carefully enough, you'll find this EVERYWHERE.

Sex, health and money are critically important.

But our instincts make us do the OPPOSITE of what we know we should do.

Even worse is when we are interacting with people.

The BEST question to ask on a job interview is like this:

"I know your company does X, Y, and Z, but based on my research, you seem to have issues with A, B and C. Why would it be in my interests to work here?"

The BEST attitude to have when talking to a pretty lady would be:

"You seem fairly attractive, but I'm looking for something much deeper than surface level looks, which obviously fade with time. Tell me something about yourself..."

Of course, both of these are IMPOSSIBLE if you are desperate for both sex and money.

However, you can re-calibrate your behavior, using ONLY your existing memories, to create that mindset.

Getting more of whatever sex and money you like.

Learn More:


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