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Feedback loops are critical.

Not just for humans, for all living things.

Even species require the necessary constraints of nature's feedback loop.

For example, consider a human technique for self improvement.

You have an objective in mind.

Something simple, like playing a simple song on the piano.

You look at the notes as your guide.

You take your understanding of the notes, through your eyes, into your brain, and try to make your fingers move.

If they move at the right rhythm and hit the right keys at the right order, you will get a pleasing sound.

A positive emotional feeling.

On the other hand, if you don't match the rhythm or the keys, you will get a haphazard order of notes.

A negative emotional feeling.

Successful action creates positive emotional feelings.

Unsuccessful actions creates negative emotional feelings.

If you practice long enough, this natural feedback loop will create better and better feelings.

Driven by more accurate playing.

Humans like positive feelings, and we like to avoid negative feelings.

The more you practice, the more you move away from negative feelings, and more toward positive feelings.

Now think about any typical animal.

But not over the course of any one animals day or even life, but the entire species.

The animal exists, that's the "guide" kind of like the notes.

Every generation, there will be "mistakes." 

Some will be good mistakes, and will work better.

Easier food, easier sex, better "feelings."

Some will be bad mistakes, and will not work so good.

Harder to get food, harder to have sex, more negative "feelings."

The natural environment provides the feedback loop.

The generational random mistakes, and genetic drifts, are trying random things within that constrained environment.

This feedback loop can be found everywhere.

It's BEST when it's harsh.

Humans living under a "don't kill don't eat" are FORCED to compete.

Successful humans reproduced.

Unsuccessful ones didn't.

Over time, we kept getting better and better.

What does all of this mean?

If you want to get better, you NEED a feedback loop.

Normally this easy.

It's called practice.

Now, practice is pretty boring, and if you're just starting out, it can be frustrating.

It's very easy to come up with excuses.

But if you DON'T practice, you won't get better.


Even studying is practice.

You are practicing remember harder and more complex information.

But there is ONE basic skill that will help you in pretty much EVERY situation you might find yourself in.

Whenever you need to talk to another human, and get any kind of outcome.

Discounts, better seats, special deals, upgrades, etc.

Job interviews, getting raises, convincing your boss to give you the good assignments and the crappy ones to the other guy.

This seems to be too wide of range of skills to find ONE feedback loop.

Paradoxically, there is ONE powerful way to practice overall conversational strength, general persuasion, and frame domination.

And it's hiding right out in the open.

Learn More:


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