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Self deception is one of our most powerful traits.

This was very necessary back in the old days.

If humans were like Vulcans, who only were based on pure logic, we would have died out a long, long time ago.

Imagine a group of ancient "logical" hunters finding some wooly mammoth tracks.

They followed them, and found some wooly mammoth poop.

Then they'd calculate how far ahead of them the wooly mammoth was based on how dry the poop was.

If they were purely logical, they would have had a certain cutoff.

Maybe if the probability was less than 20% they'd catch him, they'd give up and find something easier.

But suppose they were competing with another tribe of non-Vulcans in that same area.

And that non-Vulcan tribe found the same type of scenario.

They'd see the wooly mammoth poop and IMMEDIATELY get excited.

We're gonna be rich!

Even if they only had a 20% chance of getting that wooly mammoth, that "bias" of being way overconfident would give them an edge over time.

The opposite would also be true.

If the Vulcans thought they would die, due to some unexpected calamity, they wouldn't try hard to survive.

But the humans would keep trying, due to their biases.

Today, these biases can mess us up big time.

Most of our instincts get in the way of success, while in the past they helped us to succeed.

A lot of guys have trouble with women today.

Attracting them, "keeping" them, having regular relationships with them.

The modern dating scene is pretty much an irreversible trainwreck.

There are plenty of reasons for both teams to take their ball and go home.

But this is missing out a HUGE amount of opportunity.

For a guy, there are many, many benefits from interacting with women, EVEN IF you never, ever want to be in a relationship.

Even if you NEVER want to have sex.

How the heck is this possible?

For one thing, being able to create attraction in a women through simple conversations requires a LOT of underlying skills.

Confidence, congruence, a strong frame, conversational skills.

These SAME underlying skills will help you in plenty of other ways.

All else equal, having "attraction creation" skills will help you make more money.

All else equal, having "attraction creation" skills will help you make more and better friends.

They'll help you start up conversations with strangers, be more successful within any potential networking opportunities, and in many ways you can't even imagine.

So even if you're utterly disgusted with the dating scene, if you NEVER want a relationship, simple conversations with attractive women are a FANTASTIC measuring tool.

Even better, if you chat up a lady, create some attraction, and then SPLIT without even asking for a number, she'll be wondering WHY.

And walking away from a women you JUST created attraction in, while SHE wishes you'd come back will do WONDERS for your confidence.

Learn How:


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