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Criteria are interesting things.

If you're shopping for dinner, even if you don't have a clear idea what you want, you'll kind of know it when you see it.

Not much conscious brain is required.

On the other hand, if you're buying some spark plugs, you need to be very specific.

Very conscious with the "pass fail" criteria.

The more involved you and your "choice" will be, the more complex the criteria will be.

The more of a mix of conscious and unconscious the criteria will be.

What does it mean to be more "involved" with your choice?

If you're buying a pair of shoes, and they'll be your go-to work shoes you need to make very sure they're going to fit right, feel right, and work right.

Things like houses and large purchases will similarly take longer to make the decision.

The toughest decisions are the ones that have huge upside potential and huge downside potential.

For example, if you buy a house in the "right" neighborhood, and it STAYS the "right neighborhood" for a long while, that's fantastic.

Friend with all your neighbors, good schools, low crime, a not very corrupt city government, etc.

Or you could end up living next to some anarchists who practice their drum line in their backyard every night.

Or if you're a boss of a new and small startup, hiring the right person can help you achieve financial success and market dominance.

On the other hand, if you hire the WRONG guy, that could ruin everything, and you might even end up in DEBT.

When it comes to choosing "appropriate" relationship partners, Mother Nature has kindly programmed us with instincts to help us choose.

At least it USED to be that way.

Today, the dating scene has been obliterated.

The days are long gone where you could meet somebody at school, or at work, and slowly get closer and closer together and create a happy family.

That still can happen, but it's not NEARLY as "automatic" as it used to be.

But here's the thing.

The deep instincts that create attraction are still the same.

For men being attracted to women, what works now would work way back then.

The kind of lady guys go for hasn't changed much.

Men are still attracted, instinctively, to signs of youth and health.

Health is essentially the same as looking hot.

But for women, their instinctive attraction triggers haven't changed either.

But the type of men who fire those triggers are very, very rare.

But we CAN figure out what NOT to do.

Take that same "bad" behavior and put it into the caveman filter.

If that trait worked today, that same trait SHOULD work in an ancient environment.

Being NICE is the worst thing you can do.

At least the "wrong" kind of nice.

Imagine a super nice caveman going out and picking flowers and giving them to a cave girl.

Dude wouldn't have a chance back then, and that behavior doesn't work today.

What WILL work?

Find Out:


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