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Make The Heroic Transition


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There are two important phases in life.

Way, way back in the day, it was very, very difficult to move from the first stage into the second stage.

In fact, it's very rare that this happened voluntarily.

We were forced, more or less, into this second stage.

Consider the structure of the hero's journey story.

A long, carefully evolved story structure that exists, in myth form, in all cultures.

All cultures to face this same transition.

From the first stage to the second stage.

This is reflected in the hero's journey story structure.

When it transitions from the "orphan" stage, to the "wandering hero" stage.

The hero knows his life is boring, but safe.

He knows there is more out there, but he's not confident enough to leave the safety of his first-stage comfort zone on his own.

The hero needs something OUTSIDE of himself to push him.

For Luke Skywalker, it was when the Stormtroopers killed his aunt and uncle.

For Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, it was a Tornado.

For Peter Parker, he got bit by a spider.

For Harry Potter, it was when Hagrid showed up and took him to magic school.

For Chuck, from the TV show Chuck, it was when his buddy tricked him into putting the Intercept into his brain.

This same story structure that exists today indicated we still very much LIKE the idea.

Of being FORCED from the first stage to the second stage.

The first stage is when we children.

Safe, taken care of, protected from the monsters in the world.

Even the greatest heroes of mythology and modern blockbusters NEED some help.

This is why today it is VERY RARE to find somebody who EMBRACES the second stage.

Of being a purely self responsible adult human.

Way back in the hunter gather days, nobody had any choice.

Getting food was difficult.

So NOBODY could afford to be a slacker.

But then we invented farming.

And it WAS easy to be a slacker.

So these hero's journey stories, and coming of age ceremonies were created.

They recognized the danger to society if boys did not become men.

Today it's much, much worse.

It's very, very easy to STAY in the first stage.

The childhood stage.

The "tell me what to do" stage.

The "prove to me it's safe" stage.

But if you CAN manage to make this transition, what awaits you?

Pretty much anything you want.

This is the path to BECOME a hero.

To leave behind the safety of childhood thinking.

An embrace your life, as an adult hero.

Learn How:


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