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I THINK a lot of the business ones, singing, dancing & life coach are gonna help immensely but also a general one on attracting a dream career. That's a perfect for for my personality. In which I am successful including this being lucrative would be AWESOME, please, George. (Maybe in manifesting or business, probably manifesting cos different people will want to do different things not all business.)


I have what it takes to attract the career of my dreams

I now attract the perfect career for me that I love.

I make lots of money quickly and easily doing what I love.

I make a powerful positive difference in the world including in my work

I have the career of my dreams that is a wonderful match for my personality.

I help people daily in my work.

My work is fun and rewarding

I have the perfect work-life balance that gives me lots of free time.

I am well rewarded including financially in my dream career.

My career allows me so much freedom, flexibility, self expressions me autonomy



As always I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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