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Bees are pretty cool.

At least when a few hundred are not chasing you and trying to sting you to death.

But the way they get food, and share information is fascinating.

They all go out in different direction, looking for food.

Then they come back and "share" their information.

How, specifically, they share this information is the cool part.

They all take turns doing a bee "dance."

They fly around in a figure eight.

Everybody takes turns doing their figure eight dance.

The SIZE of that figure eight is related to the AMOUNT of the food they found.

So whenever has the largest figure eight, found the most food.

But WHERE that food is located is ALSO embedded into the figure eight.

The direction (East, West, etc.) AND the distance, are also embedded into the figure eight.

Based on the 8's angles.

Z axis, Y axis, etc.

This, of course, is all programmed into the bees DNA.

Since they are insects, it's more or less automatic.

Humans, more or less, do the same thing.

Except when WE went out hunting, we could remember EVERYTHING.

What we caught, how we caught it, all the details.

We have language and memory.

Not just individual memory, but a COLLECTIVE memory.

All it would take is ONE dude to find and kill a never before seen animal.

And he could explain exactly where he found it, the type of environment it lives in, the kind of tracks it leaves, the kind of food it likes, AND the best way to sneak up on it and kill it.

This would go from HIS brain, to EVERYBODY's brain, through language.

Then the next day, everybody could go out and use that memory, based on somebody else's words, and reproduce that same outcome.

Of killing that same animal.

This is the power of the human brain.

We can listen to somebody else's WORDS.

Those words will create a visual imagine in our brain.

Then later, we can use that visual image as a TEMPLATE.

A trial and error ideal outcome.

Even better is we can MAKE UP stories and use those as templates.

Stories of heroes and monsters and victories.

We live, today, in a world FILLED with ideas.

Some FANTASTIC, most average, some really, really lame.

Your BRAIN can do work wonders with all those ideas.

Take all the ideas out floating around.

Way back in the day, the "collective memory" was only a couple dozen people.

And the only way to add to this collective memory was by talking and listening.

Nothing was recorded.

Today, the collective memory is BILLIONS of brains.

And EVERYTHING is recorded.

This means you take any collection of ideas, put them your brain, and mix them together to create something NOBODY has ever seen before.

Needless to say, your BRAIN is your best resource.

Master THAT part of you, and conquer everything.

Learn How:


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