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Long time ago I was in boy scouts.

In the beginning it was kind of boring.

Meetings once a week, at night, at a church.

But once we started going camping, it was pretty fun.

Especially the week long backpacking trips during summer.

This was definitely a learning experience for a LOT of different skills.

This is the reason for organizations like boy scouts.

To serve as a transition between being kids who are dependent on adults.

And to eventually (hopefully) be an adult.

One thing I remember was packing.

Once you have a few experiencing of going backpacking you learn a lot about what to pack, and what not to pack.

If you forget something, and you need it, it sucks.

It's one thing to forget something, and then need to buy it somewhere.

But when you're backpacking, all you've got is what's in your backpack.

The opposite is bringing stuff you don't need.

After a couple of days of carrying it, and realizing bringing it was a mistake, you REALLY think about planning ahead.

To help us out, they'd give us these lists of things we HAD to bring.

Even check our packs before we left.

First aid kit, snake bite kit, sleeping back, flashlight, matches in a water proof container.

A common "ice breaker" question in semi-formal social settings is, if you have one minute to grab stuff from your house, what would you get?

Pictures, passports, family heirlooms, etc.

One friend of mine got yelled at by his wife.

There was an event and they had to leave their house in a hurry.

The wife grabbed the photos.

My friend grabbed his guitar.

As soon as they got outside she started yelling at him.

Humans were, long, long ago, nomadic.

We had to be.

We had to chase the animals that we lived off.

Since the animals migrated, so did humans.

So the idea of thinking hard about what you take with you is an instinctively familiar one.

But consider the one thing you AUTOMATICALLY take with you is the one thing that CAN be your best resource.

Or it can be your biggest liability.

What "thing" is this?

Your brain.

Your brain contains all your experience, learning, self confidence, or lack.

You can have the brain that can look around at your environment and MAKE what you need.

Or you can have the brain with nothing but helplessness.

Most people are helpless, and wouldn't stand a chance.

Anything unexpected happens, and they look around for somebody to tell them what to do.

But you CAN build in the "I've got this" feeling in your brain.

So no matter what happens, where you are, who you are with, so long as you have your BRAIN, you'll be fine.

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