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If you want to get a girl to like you, you've got to spark her ancient interest.

Logic won't do the job.

Attraction between humans works pretty much like attraction between humans and food.

I know, silly metaphor, but go with me on this.

You're hungry, and glancing over at the various things at the buffet.

Fries, chicken wings, potatoes, maybe some baked lasagna.

Your brain is not going over a bunch of logical proofs to help you decide what to get.

You are looking and see which food makes you FEEL the best when you imagine eating it.

Of course, you've got to pace yourself.

And depending on who you are with and where you are, you'll make different choices.

If this is a job interview over lunch, and it was your potential boss' choice, you'll make some very conservative decisions.

On the other hand, if it's Friday night, you're hammered and with your buddies, you'll make some different decisions.

But the ONE factor that is true in ANY case is your decisions is largely based on TASTE.

Pure, irrational, ancient human TASTE.

When you're with your boss, you'll choose something that TASTES good, won't fill you up, and won't have a high probability of not getting all over your short.

With your buddies on Friday night, it will be ONLY about TASTE.

So, back to the ladies.

With food, and with dudes looking at ladies, the decision is easy.

Men are pretty simple in this regard.

We choose what LOOKS good.

But women have a tougher time.

They have to choose based on PERSONALITY.

Strength of character.

Strength of FRAME.

Any ancient women who ONLY chose based on looks didn't last long.

Natural selection, mother nature is VERY harsh and unforgiving.

So the strongest instinctive attraction in the ladies, for the men, is based on personality traits.

Self confidence.

Thinking skills.


Social skills.

Conversation skills.

All these are BRAIN BASED.

Don't get me wrong, if you show her how to do solve partial differential equations, she'll run in the opposite direction.

The kind of "intelligence" she, or rather her instincts, are looking for are NOT obvious.

That's why the ladies always test men.

The more tests you pass, the more attractive you are.

Passing tests requires are certain type of intelligence that can ONLY be shown through an organically evolving conversation.

NOT the kind of intelligence you use to MEMORIZE a bunch things for a test.

Luckily, the GOOD kind of intelligence is something you can practice.

To increase your conversational fluency.

To increase your frame strength and flexibility.

To increase your creative thinking.

To increase your ability to quickly and attractively overcome every test she tosses your way.

What happens next is up to you.

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