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The Ancient Most Valuable Asset


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Humans are explorers.

We always have been.

It's one of our unique human traits.

It wasn't always like this.

Way back when we were proto-humans, we were like all the other animals.

Stuck in a geographical location.

Bound by our instincts to eat and to not get eaten.

But something happened.

Whether a cause or an effect, something that changed this was a sexual division of labor.

Dad birds and mom birds both go looking for the same kind of worms.

Dad monkeys and mom monkeys get the same kind of bananas.

But these ancient proto humans split somehow.

Men hunted, and women gathered.

This meant the type of food we went after was different.

Which meant we could live in much, much more diverse areas.

This, of course, required a "meta" instinct.

If a monkey sees a banana, or a penguin sees a fish, they get a signal that says "food."

But since humans kept moving into different areas, we had to LEARN how to get food in that new area.

This required a bigger brain.

A self-aware brain.

Monkeys are aware of bananas.

Penguins are aware of fish.

Dogs are aware of their masters and can be trained to be aware of a whole slew of commands.

Humans became aware of our own thought process.

And we developed language and "collective memory."

Somebody could go out, find and kill a brand new animal, all on their own.

Then come back and describe, using carefully calibrated words, how they killed that animal.

Our humans brains, driven perhaps by our large visual cortex, all had essentially a HALLUCINATED blueprint in their brains.

Of HOW to kill that same animal.

So they could all go out hunting, each on their own, and use that memory, which was created ONLY with words, as a reference.

To compare what they were doing, to what they saw inside their own brains.

Many animals can be trained.

But humans are capable of SELF-TRAINING.

Even if NOBODY has any clue how to get something, we'll MAKE UP a story.

About an ancient HERO who got it done.

And we can use that purely imaginary story as a reference.

To get it done.

All this was done within the ancient primate, and how human, hierarchy.

Who is the most important dude in any ancient tribe?

One of two people.

The guy who actually consistently killed the most animals.

And the guy who told the stories about the ancient, likely mythological HEROES who killed the monsters.

The trainers and the killers.

And since humans kept nomadically wandering around the planet, both of these were functions of our BRAIN.

And every night, when everybody was staring up at the stars, what were they dreaming about?

About being the guy with the best IDEAS.

The competition between ancient humans, that created the world we enjoy today was a competition of BRAINS.

Build yours, and dominate.

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