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I am thinking about buying your intelligence hypnosis course for $29. I want to know If the effects are permanent relative to you moderately maintaining (using it for job or maths) or is it more of a temporary enhancement. I was thinking of image and quantum streaming for a year when I am ready to pursue my invention goals, but your course seems better. 

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Hi there, the course contains a series of exercises and mental drills to do. There are also some memory techniques to use to help you study more efficiently, and remember things more easily.


It's best to think of them as you would physical exercises, or sports techniques. They only work so long as you use them. But if you DO use them, they work really well.


The memory techniques only take a little while to learn, and then you can use them for life.


The intelligence exercises should ideally be done daily, for life, but they only take a couple of minutes. (Or more depending on your goals).

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