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One of the harshest truths of modern life is the idea of "fairness."

On the one hand, the goofs who want to control everything maintain their main reason for being in charge is to keep everything "fair."

This sounds very compelling.

It sounds like we don't have to do anything.

That if things aren't fair, it's somebody else's fault.

At the same time, there is evidence ALL AROUND US that PROVES life is NOT fair.

Not in the least.

The pretty people have it much easier.

The well connected have it much easier.

The genetically gifted have it much easier.

But this is very, very dangerous thinking.

Because it opens us up to even more VICIOUS con artists that crave power.

We look out into the world, and see it's NOT fair.

But we've been brainwashed since birth to think it's SUPPOSED to be fair.

So this makes it easy for power hungry sociopaths.

Their message is simple.

"Give me power, and I'll make everything fair, like it's SUPPOSED to be."

But that only makes to worse.

History shows this again, and again.

One very NON mainstream theory about the cycles of history are as follows.

One guy and his buddies take power by FORCE.

Then they set up a system of laws, ostensibly to make life fair.

This reason, to make life "fair," according to these non-mainstream historians is NOT the real reason.

The REAL reason is to make it harder for the next group of guys to seize power.

That's what the system of laws are for.

This type of thing happens over and over and over.

Mark Twain said history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

Same STRUCTURES, but different contents and labels.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not really interested in becoming a revolutionary or any of that stuff.

I'd rather get in the game and get stuff.

Let all the power hungry sociopaths try to out-jack each other up the power ladder.

But getting in the game means you've got to COMPETE to get the good stuff.

The good jobs.

The hot ladies and guys.

The good houses, or corner offices.

Luckily, the one skill that will get you the good stuff is NOT based on genetics.

It only SEEMS like it since everybody just shows up and hopes for the best.

Sure, if nobody has any game whatsoever, then showing and hoping for best will ONLY work for the pretty people, the genetically gifted, and the well connected.

But when you develop some skills that few other people have, you WILL get a massive advantage.

This isn't your typical "game" where you memorize and spit out a bunch of patterns.

This is a much, much deeper "game."

A much more robust intellectual and creative approach.

By exercising your brain to build your thinking and creative imagination.

To out SMART all the mindless pretty people cutting in the front of the line.

Learn How:


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