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Drunken Vegas Memory Trick


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Memory tricks are pretty cool.

And they are "tricks."

Being able to do a couple hundred pushups is not a trick.

It's something you've been practicing for a while.

But when you perform a memory "trick," people won't know it's a trick.

They'll just assume you're a super genius.

For example, once a buddy of mine and I were in Vegas.

It was about 3 AM, and we both had just enough money left over to buy some $1.99 steak and eggs.

I was pretty hammered.

He kept talking and he mentioned that, because I was so hammered, I wouldn't remember any of the conversation the next day.

I challenged him to give me any 10 digit number.

He did, and he wrote it down.

A couple days later, he asked me for the 10 digit number.

But here's the cool part.

I really DIDN'T remember that conversation.

But once he mentioned the number, I DID remember the association I made.

When I told him the number, he was impressed.

Turns out remembering things like this is a trick.

The first step is to make a conscious decision to remember it.

This is much, much different from looking at a piece of information and HOPING you'll remember it.

Once you make the decision, then you create an association.

There are MANY ways to create these associations.

Now, when my friend gave me the number in Vegas, I DID get lucky.


The first four digits were my college roommates home address.

The next 6 were the first six of another friend's phone number.

So the association was those two people.

So all I had to do was create a goofy picture of those two guys, late night in Vegas, and that particular steak and eggs restaurant.

So once my friend reminded me, it came back quickly.

Steak and eggs --> two friends --> ten digit number.

This basic three step process is EXTREMELY flexible.

Once I gave a demonstration in a Toastmasters like class.

The class chose twenty random objects in the class.

I "pegged" them to a memory peg list.

Easy peasy.

Then they'd fire off numbers in random order, and I'd immediately recall the association.

The way people looked at me AFTER class was way different than they looked at me BEFORE class.

Still, a simple trick.

The process, of creating lists or associations DOES take a little bit of practice.

But not really so much.

Maybe like taking a few minutes each day learning how to juggle three simple objects.

And once you figure it out, it's a cool party trick.

I once even taught this associate technique to a group of kids in a church class I taught many, many years ago.

One of the high school kids came up to me after and said:

"I never thought I could remember this stuff."

This is just ONE of the many ways you can leverage your brainpower.

Learn More:


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