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Which Samurai Are You?


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Whenever there's an ensemble movie, particularly an action movie, they'll be some pretty similar archetypes.

All the dudes form the original Star Wars matched up with The Seven Samurai (and the Magnificent seven).

Once a buddy of mine and I were talking about random stuff and we "discovered" that in every sitcom has a kind of "silly" character.

This goes back to Jung, who allegedly found these archetypes in each one of our psyches.

Which means we are each one of those Seven Samurai from time to time.

Otherwise, we couldn't identify with them.

A famous study is where they put ten people in a room and give each of them a task.

And they automatically and quickly organize into a hierarchy.

This makes perfect sense, because we are hierarchical primates.

But they do this several times.

They put all the top guys (from each previous group) and put them in a group.

And again, they organize into a hierarchy.

What do these two ideas mean?

The archetype and the hierarchy idea?

Depending on who you're hanging out with, you'll be in different places on the hierarchy.

This itself is a movie trope.

Big fish in a small pond? 

Or small fish in a big pond?

You may be a star in High School but a nobody in college.

You may be the science geek among your friends, but when you get a job at an engineering company, you'll be the guy always asking questions.

Some people don't like to grow.

They like to stay safe.

In fact, most people, unless they are being consistently prodded by their environment, will stay right where they are.

Same friends, same discussions, same hobbies and pastimes.

This CAN be OK.

But what happens when you're environment changes?

99% of species who have ever existed went extinct.

The dinosaurs probably thought they had it pretty good

Then a meteor came out of nowhere and killed everybody.

Complacency feels good, but it makes it VERY hard to change when the environment does.

Of course, the environment can be anything.

Social situations, relationships, economic situations, or anything else.

Luckily, you don't need to be ready for a zombie apocalypse.

Or spending all day stashing guns and doing pull ups like Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies.

Those are cool for movie characters, but what about real life?

In real life your best skills are how you think.

How you speak.

How well you remember, and how creative you are.

You can practice these skills every day, and nobody will know but you.

Best case is you get a bigger and better brain.

Worst case is if anything does go sideways, you'll be the guy people look to for help.

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