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How To Become Socially Magnetic


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Magic tricks are cool.

I've been fortunate enough to know two guys who were professional, up close, sleight of hand magicians.

Up close meaning they would perform at places like this club in Hollywood called the "Magic Castle."

And they wouldn't be up on stage.

The rooms were set up like rooms at big, Hollywood Hills style house parties.

And the guy would be sitting behind a table, and they would have very small, kind of "bleachers" set up.

So you could have a straight line of sight from where you were to the dudes hands.

The rooms were small enough so you could hear the magician talk without him needing a mic or even to speak loudly.

And they would tell this long, stories while doing their tricks.

Card tricks.

Shuffling and dealing.

And since these guys were top notch, sleight of hand specialists, they could deal FROM anywhere in the deck and deal TO anywhere in the deck.

We'd be watching his hands closely.

He'd be watching his hands closely.

He'd be telling some long, random story.

But the story would end, and he'd deal out all the cards, one by one, and they would match PERFECTLY.

Clearly this is something you'd need to practice A LOT.

But it was also a kind of blurred reality.

Often, when a magician is telling a story, it's mostly for misdirection.

You're paying attention to the story, not his a hands.

But when the story is actually part of the trick, it creates a very, very hypnotic effect.

My other friend did a bit of stage work, but for him, magic was mostly a hobby.

He'd show up at a bar, talk a good game, telling magician type stories, while doing simple tricks with coins, etc.

He's ALWAYS get a crowd around him.

And even though he wasn't "handsome" by any stretch, the dude got laid like CRAZY.

Even if you don't know any magic, don't want to learn any magic, you can still leverage this technique.

Of talking a good game.

But this is the cool part.

Most people are NOT articulate.

Most people mumble their words, or repeat words and phrases used by others.

But articulation, and verbal energy are two things can PRACTICE.

And practice every day.

All by yourself.

So even if you are talking about a duck you saw while walking in the park, you can generate the same magical effect.

The secret is that unless you are helping a pilot land a plane, the words you use are NOT very important.

So you take any random words, and add in some mental power, and some mental based articulation, you can mesmerize anybody.

And crowds will gather just to hear you speak.

Learn How:


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