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I once read about this guy who wanted to make a toaster.

He was doing this specifically just to see  how hard it would be.

Eventually he had to give up.

He was attempting to make a toaster purely from scratch.

Like smelting his own metal and copper and heating coils, etc.

A famous economic article was written way back in the fifties, called "I Pencil."

It was about how a simple pencil was made.

All the different parts coming from all different areas in the world.

Every thing we use today is like that.

Made from tons of different people from many, many different areas in the world.

Our brains are also like that.

Nearly ALL of our ideas are a combination of ideas we've heard from others.

Even the greatest scientists who ever lived, like Newton and Einstein, took what plenty of others had ALREADY discovered, and simply pushed the knowledge bubble just a little bit further.

Most people are content to use their brains as "repeaters."

They hear ideas, and then repeat those same ideas.

This is perfectly normal, and even needed.

Think about this from a simple mathematical point of view.

A hundred people decide to become teachers.

They don't work in a lab inventing new ideas.

They learn things, and when they demonstrate this, that they really know these things, they get paid to teach these SAME things to others.

How many people will they teach over the course of their lives?


Only a few of those need to push the limits of understanding out a little bit.

So long as this system keeps on humming, knowledge will keep on growing.

When it comes to being an individual, consider your brain has four important components.

But only two are really necessary.

If you spend your life focusing on ONLY these two, you'll already be ahead.

The first how well you soak up information, and how much information you can soak up.

The second is how well you can explain this information to others.

These two will take you far, and make you some decent money.

But the next two is where the REAL money is.

Where the REAL fame can be found.

And is taking the first two steps, and IMPROVING.

Step three would be mixing up all the ideas you can soak up, and using them to create NEW ideas nobody has ever heard before.

Step four would be to EXPLAIN these new ideas that nobody has ever heard before in a compelling way.

Do this, and you will be recognized as a true genius.

Learn How:


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