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Bees and humans are a lot alike.

From a basic structural, get some food level.

Bees go out looking for food.

They all go off in a different direction.

They come back and report their findings.

How they do this is pretty cool.

They do a little figure 8 dance.

The size of the 8 is based on the amount of food they found.

The angle is based on the direction and the distance.

So they all come back, take turns dancing, and all follow the guy with the biggest figure 8.

Humans are the same.

But with ONE very critical difference.

We come back, from the hunt, and we DESCRIBE what happened.

We have memories of what happened.

We describe those memories with words.

And those words create similar memories in others.

We can transmit memories from our brains into other brains.

So all it takes is ONE GUY to accidentally figure how to do something better, and that new skill is now implanted into EVERYBODY'S brain.

Each person can then go out, and using that memory as a guide, try and reproduce what the previous guy did.

Without needing to have seen him.

This is, essentially, the one trait that made us the apex predators of Earth.

All the other stuff we do wouldn't matter nearly as much.

Opposable thumbs, use of tools, even our ability to live in plenty of environments due to the sexual division of labor.

None of that would have mattered if we were stuck in the "learn only by watching" model that all other animals have.

This is, metaphorically, a collective memory.

A "hive mind."

So long as a tribe of people can replicate themselves, this "collective memory" can store thousands of years of information.

Then once they invented writing, this made it much, much more powerful.

Greek guys come up with philosophy, mathematics, geometry, and so long as they wrote it down, this knowledge could be passed on.

This what led to the enlightenment, and the scientific revolution.

Both the discovery of these ancient Greek ideas, AND the printing press.

This meant the "hive mind" went form a small tribe of primitive humans to the ENTIRE PLANET.

From an anthropology standpoint, this is pretty amazing.

That these weird monkey-people could not only evolve self awareness, but could create this MASSIVE hive mind collection of data.

That KEEPS getting bigger.

From a personal standpoint, this CAN make a huge difference.

We come into this world with an infinite learning capacity.

We have the SAME BRAINS we had thousands of years ago.

These SAME BRAINS will be learning things IN a thousand years that we can't even imagine today.

But what about YOUR brain?

Will you be content, like most people, to use it passively?

To let video games, social media and other people's ideas do your thinking for you?

Or will you take advantage of your GENIUS brain, and build it up so strongly you can do things you never thought possible?

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