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Weeping Wordless Emotional Shifts


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TV salesman are very charismatic, and very entertaining.

One example is the guy from "Halt and Catch Fire."

A fictionalized drama about the beginnings of the computer age.

PC's, internet, web browsers, back when all that stuff was invented.

But the main character that was the sales type was VERY stereotypically charismatic.

When he spoke, he had tons of confidence, and unbreakable frame, and he spoke in very well calibrated, very beutiful metaphors.

Similarly, fictional seducers are either one of two types.

The over the top womanizer jerk.

And the flowery speaking, gorgeous metaphor spinning Don Juan type.

A good example of this is Johnny Depp in "Don Juan DeMarco."

But this is fiction.

These characters are written by people who have never seduced or sold anything to anybody.

We like those characters because they are the IDEAL.

Things everybody would LIKE to become.

Consider this to be a main function of our brain.

A survival function.

Since all the way back before time, we've been telling each other stories.

Stories about IDEAL characters who do IDEAL things.

Sure, we'd love to have real role models.

Father figures whose footsteps we can follow it.

But that's the genius of Mother Nature, or God or whoever made us.

If we don't HAVE role models, we can make them up.

Ancient stories were calibrated to match what we believed were our IDEAL role models.

Young people who didn't know what they were doing.

Having to stumble around for a while before they figured out what was what.

And when they finally battle against the monster, the BARELY win.

This is the IDEAL to strive for.

Unfortunately, most of us miss the point when we see those smooth talking TV people.

Consider the most important thing about their characters is NOT the words they say.

Because plenty of well-written words are said by some pretty bad actors.

This is why memorizing patterns for both sales and seduction MISSES the point.

If you don't have the underlying frame, you'll be like a wooden actor trying to pretend to be congruent.

Some of the BEST actors don't need words.

They are VERY congruent in their facial expressions.

How their facial expressions change upon nearing negative news, for example, is much more moving than a well written speech.

Actors who can do that have skills few can match.

Of feeling one emotion and then slowly shifting their facial expression to show another.

If the rest of the story is set up correctly, a small shift in facial expressions at the right point of the story can make audiences WEEP.

Words are nice, but not necessary.

Build up the stuff beneath the words and NEVER worry about the words again.

Learn How:


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