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Ditch The Onion Attraction Strategy


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One of our biggest worries is knowing what to say.

Job interviews, meeting new friends, talking to cute guys or girls.

When two people meet each other for the first time, even with random strangers, we go into a kind of "defense mode."

Everybody has a whole bunch of different layers.

When you are with old and close friends, you can "let it all hang out."

Fart, burp, drop as a many f-bombs as you want.

But if you did that during a job interview, or on a first date, it would probably backfire.

This makes rational sense.

From a logical, outside in perspective, takes time to get to know somebody.

It takes time for people to get to know us.

A very, very common problem is knowing how, specifically to make a good first impression.

Especially if you ONLY have a few precious minutes.

Job interviews, first dates or first conversations.

Many people have TONS of experience of how much people like you once they get to know you.

But how most people get to know you happens organically and mostly subconsciously.

This is the biggest problem with modern dating.

There aren't many opportunities to organically "get to know people."

So we have to consciously do something that is normally left to an organic and natural process.

You see somebody, you'd like to get to know them, and you KNOW that if they took the time to get to know you, they'd like you.

Maybe not fall-in-love like you but, at least enjoy from a friendly, conversational perspective.

The problem is that THEY feel the same way.

THEY would also like people to give them a chance.

So we end up with a world where everybody has the same feeling, and the same strategy.

That if only OTHER PEOPLE would "give" them a chance to get to know them, then these "other people" would like them.

And when you get a roomful or a planet full of people waiting around to be GIVEN a chance, you get a lot of frustration.

And since most people use the "onion strategy" this takes even longer, which creates even more frustration.

What is the "onion strategy"?

Of of starting from the outside layer, and then SLOWLY peeling back all the layers to the inside.

Just thinking about this causes frustration.

Small talk on the outer later.

A number exchange a little bit deeper.

A few texts back and forth a little bit deeper.

Meeting for drinks a little bit deeper.

As soon as we see somebody we'd LIKE to know, we subconsciously imagine ALL the work it would take to show them the real us.

And for us to know the real them.

The common response to this is to be as fake as possible.

On as many layers as possible.

Lucky for us, there IS another way.

To ignore all that surface level stuff and LEAD with your inner, true self.

This is not based on conversations, or words or even conscious strategies.

Just a "re-calibration" of your inner core.

So who you REALLY are resonates so strongly all you need to do is show up.

Learn How:


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