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listening to the subliminal


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Hi George,

There is varying advise out there as to hoe to listen to affirmations. However your audios are subliminal affirmations of which some cannot be heard by the conscious brain.

So advise is to listen to whilst relaxed meditating and some advice is to listen to whilst falling asleep when brain is in theta mode.

However George does it matter when the 256 voice subliminals are actually listened to since they cannot be understand by the conscious mind, so will it still not be effective using whilst working? or studying?

i am listening to whilst falling asleep but i feel 7-10 mins whilst falling asleep is not enough to catch all the affirmations for the subconscious mind.


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While listening, it's best to focus on a visualization that represents your ideal outcome, based on the theme of the subliminal.

If you focus on an outcome while falling asleep, the statements will go into your mind so long as you don't reach delta state.

Ideal situation is deeply relaxed, theta-alpha, while focusing on outcome.

If you hold an imagine while falling asleep, this will tend to affect your dreams, particularly if you remember to recall  that image as you kind of bounce around the sleep/awake barrier.

Also, keep a daily journal of experiences, evidence.



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On 9/23/2020 at 5:56 PM, admin said:

the statements will go into your mind so long as you don't reach delta state.

what happens if we listen while deeply asleep i.e delta sleep?

is the 256 voices sub not useful in that case? 

Also, what would be useful in delta state?

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delta is very rare during sleep.


Sleeping is mostly theta sleep.


Theta is fine, but delta is kind of like "full shutdown mode" and the subs will have much less effect.

Generally, listening while sleeping is fine, the delta that happens normally won't interfere much.

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