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Why Rational Arguments Fail


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Very few human decisions are logical.

Most people very much like to believe we are logical, but those same people would struggle in a class in formal logic.

At the same time, ALL of our decisions are based ON logic.

What the heck does this even mean?

Logic is a structure to handle inputs and outputs.

If X is greater than 3, and Y = 2, then X is greater than Y.

Logic is based on conditional statements.

But when you are hungry and standing at the all you can eat buffet, you may not think you are choosing logically.

When, in fact, you are.

Only most of the "if then" stuff happens in your subconscious.

This happens rather quickly.

You and your conscious brain are kind of glancing back and forth across all the different stuff.

Your VAST memory and HUGE imagination is calculating ALL the costs and benefits of the various things.

When your subconscious makes a decision, it will send a signal to your brain.

"Let's get that one!"

The reason everybody thinks everybody ELSE is illogical is that we make ASSUMPTIONS about all those costs and benefits.

Here's a really goofy example.

Suppose a friend of yours got a hold of some really bad weed.

And it made him hallucinate SO strongly, he believed the hallucinations were real.

And your poor friend saw some demons coming at him.

And he BELIEVED that if the demons caught him, they'd drag him to hell and torture him for ETERNITY.

But for some reason (something about the bad weed) the demons would disappear if he banged his head against a brick wall and made himself pass out.

Since making yourself pass out is LESS horrifying than being tortured for eternity by demons, that would be the LOGICAL choice.

But unless you knew all of this, he would seem crazy.

You should just see your friend screaming, and bang his head into a wall and make himself pass out.

NO WAY would you assume he was acting logically.

Now consider THIS idea.

Everybody is acting logically ALL THE TIME.

But we and they won't ever really know their SUBCONSCIOUS inputs, outputs, and costs and benefits.

This is why YOUR rational arguments are almost ALWAYS going to fail, since you have NO IDEA what their subjective and mostly subconscious variables are.

So, ditch the logic.

And speak to their unconscious.

There's ONE TRAIT that will trump pretty much every other trait.

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Because this trait is ANCIENT.

Even older than our conscious, self aware minds.

If you work in this trait (which you can, privately in your mind, whenever you want) nothing else can compare.

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