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The world is a messed up place.

The world has always been a messed up place.

The world will always be a messed up place.

Everybody has to compete for scarce resources.

If you can organize a society with enough forethought and patience, you can make it pretty fair.

But even then, people will figure out how to scam the system.

Historians and anthropologists recognize this.

During the caveman days it was really hard to be a slacker.

Everybody knew everybody.

And the more you produced, the more love you got.

If you were always out killing big animals, you got mad respect and a lot of sexual opportunities.

So, technically, you could kind of skate by.

You'd get food, but you wouldn't get much social love or sex.

But once they invented agriculture, that changed everything.

Historians and anthropologists called this the "freeloader problem."

And the free loaders weren't like we imagine them today.

The guy who says he wants to borrow your couch but never leaves.

That's a modern free loader.

But ancient freeloaders were more like scam artists.

They would figure out ways to get plenty of stuff without really producing anything.

And these folks existed in many, many levels.

Mostly the political class.

If you study the middle ages in detail, you'll find this was a constant battle.

Producers vs. the scammers.

Makers vs. the takers.

Today, it's no different.

How you respond to this will make all the difference.

It's easy to complain.

So easy that everybody can do it.

But what does complaining get you?

Miserly does love company.

No matter what your complaint about society is, you'll find plenty of folks with the SAME type of complaints.

This is very dangerous.

You get social proof, authority if the group is big enough, and a very comfortable "us vs. them" feeling.

This FEELS very good.

To be surrounded by people with the same complaints.

But what it WON'T get you is any REAL social love.

You won't get any REAL sex.

What is REAL sex?

The kind of sex where the person having with you wants YOU more than the sex.

It's easy to find a warm body that is also looking for another body.

This is one reason why relationships are so chaotic today.

People have sex FIRST and then get to know each other LATER.

This is FUN, but it doesn't do a lot for long term happiness.

Instead, consider going old school.

Of creating ATTRACTION first.

Not just in one or two other folks, but in a LOT.

Then take your time getting to know all those people who are attracted to you, and choose the best one.

This is much, much easier than most people will ever realize.

Because you only need to build one important trait.

One that few people have.

One that people will be able to SENSE from you before you speak.

It's based on how you think of yourself and the world around you.

And outcome of some simple meditation-like exercises.

And like any other exercise, the more you do the stronger this trait will become.

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