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If you've seen the movie, "Idiocracy," it's pretty funny.

Guy goes into the future where dumb people have way more kids than smart people.

Since corporations control everything, they try and water their crops with a sports drink.

Modern society is like that in a lot of ways.

There's plenty of reason to believe that we are in some kind of potentially devastating transitional phase.

Things, in a lot of places, seem to be coming apart at the seems.

But you still gotta eat.

You still gotta get some, or at least you'll be driven two.

In the movie, "Enemy At The Gates," it was essentially a battle of snipers.

Russians vs. Nazis.

But the Russian sniper, before going to hunt, secretly got some with his lady friend.

One of my favorite historical stories about the never ending need for sex comes from Alexander the Great's conquests.

He was a BRILLIANT logician.

His technique with supply lines is one of his most under-appreciated genius skills.

Whenever his soldiers would march, a small "city" would follow.

Butchers, bakers, desert makers, beer and liquor makers.

And the last group on this "wagon train" were the working girls.

They were like one humongous organic entity.

The soldiers would march into a city, fight, kill a bunch of people and take a bunch of stuff.

Then the rolling "city" would show up, and the soldiers would trade their loot for food, alcohol and sex.

This is why humans are the apex predators.

Our drives are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid.

Everybody gets hungry.

Everybody gets horny.

Because these two instincts are IMPOSSIBLE to ignore, we stay alive individually, and as a species.

And as mentioned before, like many times in history, we are living in what you may call, "interesting times."

This is PERFECT.

Because most people are clueless.

Most people have no idea what REALLY drives attraction.

People look at data online, and data in the real world and draw some VERY false conclusions.

But there is much, much more than meets the eye.

If you teleported to some really poor area of the world, and time, and you saw people killing and eating rats, because that's all the had, you MIGHT conclude that these people LOVE rats.

Or even during the middle ages, if you might see some people SO desperate they were eating dead people.

Wow, these people like eating dead dudes!

These would be FALSE conclusions.

True, when we think we might otherwise die, we'll eat ANYTHING.

And when we think we'll never get some otherwise, we'll date or mate with ANYTHING.

But what do people REALLY want?

And more importantly, how can YOU deliver that?

Even more importantly, once you build THESE traits everybody is desperate for, how will you fight off all these horny people who want to jump in YOUR bed?

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