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Most people today are very fake.

In fact, consider that presenting a "false identity" is part of human nature.

Our deep instincts don't really know what to do with all these people.

Our instincts were calibrated when we lived among the same people all our lives.

And even until recently, before the internet, most people stayed around the same people all their lives.

But from all the way back from the caveman days to now, reputation is CRITICAL.

If you started getting negative looks from people way back then, you were DOOMED.

The positive and negative social validation instincts work VERY MUCH like hunger.

To motivate us to do things to keep us alive.

The hungrier you get, the more you want to kill something and eat it.

But social validation is much more mental and emotional.

If your tribe were shooting you daggers, that meant you did something WRONG.

Not something they didn't like.

Something that was DANGEROUS.

Like if you went hunting, came back with nothing.

Or if you were out hunting, and you made some noise and scared away the prey.

Once people knew that, they would give you a rough time.

This would create a very UNCOMFORTABLE mental feeling.

This would MOTIVATE you to do much better next time.

The opposite is also true.

If you came back with a HUGE kill, people would give you plenty of love.

That would motivate you to DO MORE of that.

So today, in our modern chaotic clown show of a society, these instincts STILL LIVE inside us.

They still HURT or FEEL GOOD as much as they used to.

This is people sometimes kill themselves due "only" to online bullying.

Whoever says they don't care what people think are LYING.

This is WHY so many people are FAKE.

The absolute WORST thing that can happen to us is we express our TRUE selves, and get rejected.

The only things that would feel worse than this, literally (not figuratively or metaphorically) would be STARVING to death or getting EATEN to death.

Since few people starve or get eaten nowadays, social rejection of our TRUE selves is the most horrifying thing possible.

This is why people are fake.

It's a defense mechanism.

Since you KNOW this, you can have a huge advantage.

You can develop a deep sense of acceptance of yourself, so this will OVERRIDE any "surface level" rejection you may receive from others.

But even BETTER, if you know this about others, that they are TERRIFIED of being rejected, and WHY, you can make a HUGE impression on them.

Find out a little bit about the REAL THEM, and show through your communication, body language and frame, that you ABSOLUTELY accept the real them.

This will make you STAND OUT as a genuine, honest, KIND person is a sea of fakeness.

This will significantly enhance your success with friends, colleagues, business partners, lovers and potential lovers.

Learn How:


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