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The very first Star Wars, or really the first two, were epic.

They were epic because George Lucas hired Joseph Campbell to help him out.

Consequently, the first Star Wars was as close to the Hero's Journey as any modern movie.

The rest, not so much.

First they brought in the Ewoks, and then Jar Jar whoever.

Once I did a mathematical experiment.

I created a graph of all Star Trek TV shows vs. time.

In on column, I plotted the name of the series according to when they were released.

In the other column, I plotted the IMDB ratings.

And it looked EXACTLY like an exponential decay.

Which means they more episodes they make, the more they suck.

One of Tom Clancy's books is called, "The Sum of All Fears."

Since the book is about terrorists with a nuclear weapon, that's the assumed meaning.

The worst thing that can happen.

But the REAL meaning of the title was revealed about halfway through the book.

Paraphrased, it's as follows:

When you get a bunch of experts together, you don't get the sum of their experiences, you get the sum of their fears.

What, exactly, does this mean?

Every expert at the table has a career.

And once you've spent enough time and effort building a career, your first priority is to PROTECT your career.

So when you get a bunch of experts together, they will all first want to protect their careers.

Only when they are SURE that will happen, do they focus on solving the problem.

This is why Star Trek keeps sucking more and more.

When you are young and hungry, you don't have anything to protect.

But the more successful you get, the more you want to first protect your success.

This is why the bigger any organization gets, the more sluggish and lethargic it gets.

This is true individually, in business AND in politics.

In big business, once they get to be a certain size, the spend a ton of money KEEPING smaller startups from threatening them.

Often, they use the Facebook strategy.

Of buying all these smaller companies.

One of the biggest LIES of the past few decades is all we need to do is show up.

Tons of people believe they don't have to TRY to get anything of value.

This is partly because of a common political lie.

It's always in some kind of form of:

"Vote for me and I promise your life will be super easy."

This is one of the main reasons why the dating market sucks.

Everything THINKS they are special, just because.

Most everybody expects WAY more than what they have to offer.

But life always has been, and always will be, filtered through a Pareto Distribution.

The top 20% get most of the stuff.

Luckily, with everybody filled with entitlement, nobody has anything BEYOND looks.

But if you develop deep and attractive congruence, you will SKYROCKET your way the top no matter WHAT you look like.

Let everybody else cry in their cheerios about how messed up everything is.

Create congruence, and have THEM competing for YOU.

Learn How:



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