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There are a lot of harsh truths in life we don't like.

In fact, we don't like these truths so much, we pretend they don't even exist.

Sometimes, these are blatant and conscious.

So our avoidance of these is blatant and conscious.

Like you get a letter in the mail from your bank.

You're afraid to open it.

You might look at your balance and find you owe the bank a few thousand dollars.


But sometimes our fears are so deep we don't even know they exist.

And we layer a ton of self deceptive based rationalizations top of them.

A very common structure is the sour grapes response.

A guy tries to grow some grapes, and he sucks.

He looks over this fence into his neighbhors yard, and sees some very big, very plump grapes.

Since he doesn't want to admit he sucks at growing grapes and his idiot neighbor doesn't, he makes up a story.

That his neighbhors grapes are SOUR.

So, whenever you look at something, you want it, but you can't get it, and you reframe that thing as being BAD, rather than something you desire but can't get, this is the sour grapes response.

And modern men and modern women are super, super guilty of this when looking out into the dating market.

Men think women suck.

Women think men suck.

Maybe this is true, maybe this isn't.

But guess what?

If you're a guy, having tons of women who WANT YOU and are actively pursuing you, this makes it much easier.

If you working under the "beggars can't be choosers" model, this DOES suck.

But if you are living from an "abundance" mindset, it doesn't matter if most men or most women suck balls.

Since most will actively PURSUE you, you can simply skim off the top.

Leave the leftovers for the rest of the beggars and sour grape haters.

Now, the money question.

How do you DEVELOP this abundance mindset?

Structurally, it's pretty simple.

Develop something EVERYBODY wants, but few people experience.

Most people today are VERY fake.

Everywhere you look, there are tons of people pretending to think and believe and do things that are only true up on the surface.

But after just a little bit of conversation, you'll see the mismatch.

Between their surface structure descriptions, and their deep beliefs.

This is why most people do things that don't match with what they say.

So when YOU come across with pure congruence, you will be very, very attractive to a great many people.

Which means you'll have a MUCH BETTER chance of choosing somebody that actually isn't a trainwreck.

All by simple daily exercises, that you can do on your own, to build up MASSIVE congruence.

Learn How:



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