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One of my favorite lines from Pulp Fiction is "personality goes a long way."

This was meant ironically.

One guy was talking about not eating pork, because a pig is a filthy animal.

The other guy talked about a famous TV pig, on "Green Acres."

The selling point of the pig was that he had a good personality.

And since personality goes a long way, that might overcome the guy's reversion to pork.

Of course, the guy who was promoting the "personality goes a long way," theory was also eating bacon, and arguing that one should eat pork because bacon tastes good.

Pork chops taste good.

This is an example of a well written dialogue.

Lots of interesting reframes.

Lots of relatable ideas.

Lots of common "objections" to common daily issues.

But it also works because ALL of these reframes are true.

This is a very, very, well calibrated reframe.

One where you could see the "truth" of both sides.

It can become particularly dangerous when we don't have all that data.

Eating bacon or not eating bacon is a pretty straightforward argument.

Both reasons for and against are out in the open.

Nothing's hidden.

But sometimes, plenty of variables are hidden.

Just waiting for somebody to come and find them.

This is the job of scientists.

To find more and more of these hidden variables so we can know more.

If you know more, you can do more.

When it comes to some areas, most of us use the OPPOSITE of the scientific method.

Kind of like the guys looking for their keys.

A few guys are on their knees, in the street, looking around.

A cop walks up and asks what they are doing.

They say they are looking for their keys.

He says, "I'll help you, where'd you lose them?"

They say, "over there," pointing away from where they are.

Cops says, "why are you looking here?"

They say, "The lights better."

This is, unfortunately, how must of us operate.

We have a bunch of biases that are calibrated to make life as easy as possible.

Thinking, after all, is hard work.

So when you look out into a complex environment, with TONS of unknown variables, it's easy to draw false conclusions.

False conclusions based on what you can easily see.

But like 19th century economist Bastiat noted, "It's not what you see, it's what you don't see."

What DON'T you see?

The missing ingredients of MOST people's personality.

Without this ONE ingredient, most people's personality will be shallow and fake.

But WITH this one ingredient, your personality will be much, much more attractive to EVERYBODY.

Friends, business partners and lovers.

The best part is you can practice this one CRITICAL personality characteristic many times per day.

By yourself, wherever you happen to be.

So YOUR personality really can go a long way.

Learn More:


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