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One of the weirdest ideas is about how we think about how we think.

Or how we think about what we do.

The general consensus, among advertisers and neurologists is most of our actions are driven by emotions and instincts.

Then, a split second later, we come up with an after-the-fact story about why we did what we just did.

We don't like the idea that our lives are being bounced around like a ping pong ball without our knowledge.

Part of the function of our ego, it seems, is to maintain a sense of control.

So, when our instincts or emotions drive us to do things, we LIKE to believe we CHOSE to do things.

But advertisers who know better use this knowledge to make billions of dollars.

Cialdini explained this, or described this is one of his books.

We are influenced by things outside of our conscious awareness.

Then we, or rather, our ego, makes up a story about why we did what we just did.

We believe that story.

But then we try and use that story to influence others for the same reasons we THINK we did those things.

And it doesn't work.

We come to the conclusion, Cialdini says, that influence or persuasion is some kind of mystery.

But it's not.

Because if you KNOW what those "outside of conscious awareness" things are, you can make a FORTUNE.

This requires that you face this difficult question:

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be rich?

If we stick to our ego, and continue to believe our after the fact stories, we can FEEL right.

But since this is to maintain our ego, it generally won't make us any money.

This is why the BEST advertisers are much more like scientists than the TV types like Don Draper.

Don Draper is a fictional character, whose job it is to ENTERTAIN us, the viewer.

But in real life, the more scientifically you approach sales and advertising, the more successful you'll.

This also works in dating and romance.

We like people because of DEEP instincts, not logic.

Logic is something we create AFTER the event, the attraction, the sex, the love.

Food and sex are THE two most important instincts.

And very few people can maintain a diet by logic for very long.

Similarly, few people will maintain any kind of romantic ideas based on PURE logic.

Unless you're some upper class middle age family trying to marry off your daughter to the right family.

But a common mistake is using SALES techniques to CREATE seduction and romance.

Some of them are necessary, but they are best used as SUPPORTING ideas.

The initial attraction must be created first.

And this initial attraction is not based on logic, or words, or wealth, or even looks.

It is ancient, and therefore something much, much deeper.

If you start with this basic attraction, and THEN add in some sales and persuasion ideas, you'll have a partner for life.

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