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Most people's brains are filled with a lot of complex ideas.

Complex ideas that have zero bearing on reality.

This is based on an idea of "excess capacity."

For example, suppose a small town is booming.

They keep booming.

So somebody comes in and opens up a huge restaurant, to serve food to all the people in this booming town.

The restaurant is really huge.

Fifty tables, six full time chefs, 20 waitresses.

But as the years go by, the town booms less and less.

Pretty soon there are HALF of the people that used to be there.

But let's say this restaurant owner doesn't want to accept it.

He's still got the same amount of chef's and waitresses.

But since they have half the daily customers, the waitresses just kind of stand around all day.

This would be an example of "excess capacity."

To much productive capacity, not enough consumption.

This is our brain.

Before a few thousand years ago, we needed ALL our of brain to get food, stay safe and NOT get eaten.

We've been the same for about 200,000 years.

Same thinking, same imagination, same language, same desires.

Before they invented farming, and before oil was discovered, it took ALL our brainpower to get food, stay safe and hopefully get laid.

But now, most of that stuff is pretty easy.

Food is easy.

Energy is easy.

Staying safe is easy.

And if you lower your standards enough, getting laid is easy.

We are living in a caveman's dream world.

Instead of having to chase after a fleeing animal, and hit it with your spear, you can order something from Grubhub.

Instead of competing with all the other men for the very, very few available women, you can put on some beer goggles and grab the nearest guy or gal.

But our brains are STILL the same.

Our brains are JUST LIKE that restaurant.

All the staff, but very few customers.

Way back then, EVERY thought we had was pointed at more food more safety, and HOPEFULLY, maybe one day, sex.

Today our brains have no real pressing issues to worry about.

So, we MAKE UP stuff to worry about.

We make everything WAAAAAAAAAAAY more complicated than it needs to be.

When you are on one side of the room, and that cute guy or gal is on the other, your super powerful brain dreams up a KAJILLION ways it might work.

And a kajillion ways it might not.

This, naturally, creates anxiety.

But there IS a way to calm your mind.

So you can have the BEST of both worlds.

A super genius brain that ONLY is fired up when you want it.

And being alive when there is sex, love, and romance is pretty much everywhere.

And not just "lower your standards" kind.

The BEST kind.

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