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Why? command in some of the videos

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There are two of these, made by request. However, the "why" question works when you are combining conscious and unconscious mind,


If the conscious mind asks a "why" question, then the unconscious will necessarily come up with an answer. If the question is phrased correctly, the answer will naturally support the asker.


However, these files (the four voice, non-why files) are meant for unconscious programming, which doesn't require any cooperation by the conscious mind. The idea is to relax while listening, and let the statements slip in. So asking "why" in these type of files is kind of redundant.


Certainly, if you are SAYING affirmations out loud, one at at time (which is the assumption on pretty much all "theory" on affirmations) then asking why is a good strategy.


But for these four voice, "sleepers" I don't think they add any benefit, and they may even detract from benefits.


For example, if you get the subconscious to accept the statement, "I make money easily" then ANY reason can be used to support that, as it comes up.


But if you ask the question, "Why do I make money so easily," the answer you come up with must ALWAYS be true, or else you may believe that once that "why" answer is no longer true, then suddenly making money will become more difficult.


No reason to make it more complicated.


However, so long as they are requested, I'll make them, which each request being treated like any other request.

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