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A long time ago I was at a bike shop.

I was buying something for a mountain bike I used to have.

I was telling the guy at the shop how much I LOVED riding up hills.

Not just riding up, but also riding back down.

While I did that, I would always think of the line from the Beatles' "Helter Skelter":

"When I get to bottom I go back to the top of the slide, where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, till I get to the bottom and I see you again..."

I LOVED the thought of going down hill as fast as I could.

This drove me to ride up as fast as I could.

When I explained this to bike shop guy, he said he HATED hills.

That he would ride an extra ten miles if it meant going around a hill.

This idea, of going around obstacles is very, very common.

Everybody has their own go-to method of overcoming obstacles.

If it works, it works.

But many times, these obstacles are subconscious.

AND they are imaginary.

How can a subconscious obstacle be imaginary?

Whenever your subconscious thinks you are getting CLOSE to these kinds of obstacles, it gives you anxiety signals to stay away.

It's imaginary because these kinds of obstacles were wired into your brain when you were very young.

This is how MOST of our fears are created.

We are young, we know nothing about the world, the world smacks us down a few times, and we "accept our place."

Only we keep growing up and getting in much more complex environments.

But those childhood fears keep us from moving forward, or feeling comfortable in certain situations.

Mostly in social situations, when we need to present ourselves in the BEST way possible.

Job interviews, first meetings with potential friends and lovers.

When it comes to the last one, potential friends and lovers, it's generally assumed there is outer game, and inner game.

And that inner game is things like self confidence, childhood based issues, etc.

That these inner game issues are complex and painful to even think about, let alone address.

This is why so many people IGNORE these inner game issues.

And with so many people with UNRESOLVED inner game issues, the ONLY thing left is outer game.

Mainly, looks and obvious signs of wealth.

Which makes it easy to conclude that looks and signs of wealth are ALL there is.

But it is very possible, and very easy, to FIX inner game issues without even giving them a label.

Or thinking about when, and why they might have been created.

There are some very powerful, meditation like exercises that will MELT all your inner game issues.

So you radiate a very powerful, very congruent, very ATTRACTIVE personality.

Without even trying.

Then you'll learn the TRUTH about attraction.

Looks ONLY matter when you have crappy inner game.

When you've got solid, congruent inner game, nobody will CARE what you look like.

Making you AUTOMATICALLY attractive to anybody you want.

Learn How:


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