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The Cute Baby Attraction Pattern


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A study was done on guys picking up girls in parks.

It wasn't quite an academic level study.

And it wasn't completely scientific.

But since it kind of makes sense, it seems pretty accurate.

It was done by a men's magazine, not a scientific magazine or an academic, peer reviewed magazine.

The study?

They sent a guy, or a group of guys to the park.

These guys tried to get ladies phone numbers under three different scenarios.

The first one was the dude by himself.

The second one was a dude with a dog.

The third one was a dude with a baby.

And he makes it clear the baby isn't his.

That the baby belongs to a friend.

The results are pretty obvious.

Dude by himself got, on average 1 out of 10 numbers.

Meaning he asked ten times and got one number.

Dude with a dog got three out of ten.

Dude with a baby got seven out of ten.

This is obvious, but the REASONS aren't nearly as obvious as we tend to think.

The common answer is that women see the guy with the baby.

He mentions it's not his.

She makes a RATIONAL assumption that since another woman trusts this guy with the baby, therefore he must be a good "catch."

This is NOT the reason.

This might be an unconscious assumption on her part, but it's not the MAIN reason.

Think of this as a kind of halo effect.

Dudes are hard pressed to ignore gorgeous ladies.

Gorgeous ladies sell way more than dudes or ugly ladies.

Gorgeous ladies get more jobs, and have a generally easier life that non-gorgeous ladies.

There is NO rational reason for this.

Nobody looks at the gorgeous lady and thinks:

"Hmm, she's got good genes, therefore if I do business with her I have a higher chance of success."

People look at the gorgeous lady, and FEEL GOOD.

And that good feeling is subconsciously attached to whatever IDEA that gorgeous is talking about.

This is a PURELY subconscious effect.

So, back to the park with the dude and the baby.

She looks at the baby and FEELS GOOD.

And that good feeling is subconsciously attached to the dude.

Now, why does she feel good when she looks at a baby?

Well for one, most normal women like babies.

And most normal men like babies.

Especially cute babies, and cute toddlers.

Now, why are they so cute?

Evolutionary psychologists even believe the "cute toddler" effect is an effect of natural selection.

Since we feel ATTRACTED to these cute babies and toddlers, we feel an urge to protect them.

All instinctive.

All unconscious.

Now, the money question.

Is it possible for an adult to create the SAME unconscious, deep attractive response?

To behave in a way to create DEEP and POWERFUL attraction from nearly everybody you interact with?

That is unconscious, automatic and instinctive?

Without worrying AT ALL about what to say?

Yes, yes there is.

Learn How:


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