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Whenever two people are having a conversation, it can be seen as a frame battle.

The word "battle" is probably not the best one.

Two friends playfully trying to "out-insult" each other isn't a battle.

Two friends playing one-on-one basketball wouldn't be considered a "battle."

But consider that EVERYTHING can be viewed as a competition.

Now, most of these competitions are friendly and enjoyable.

Friendly, enjoyable competitions are the reason the video game industry is a BILLION dollar a year industry.

Competitions can become battles when they are one off battles.

Consider a guy approaching a girl, to hopefully get something going.

This is a frame battle.

Every girl has programmed into her deep instincts to TEST every guy.

Every guy has programmed into his deep instincts to DEMONSTRATE VALUE to every girl.

So just the fact that are approaching her sends a signal to your instincts and her instincts.

The signal that says, "It's ON like Donkey Kong!"

This is one reason why approaching girls is perhaps the SCARIEST thing any guy will do.


The whole point of life is pretty simple.

Or the whole "drive" of life is pretty simple.

Eat enough to not die, and have enough sex to not go extinct.

Most people would not like to accept this.

But without those twin driving instincts, everything else falls apart.

So when a guy is walking across the room to speak to a girl, it feels like the ENTIRE future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Not consciously, but from a deep, ancient instinct perspective.

Way back in the day, any guy that thought not getting laid was no big deal, DIDN'T get laid.

And those "getting laid is no big deal" genes DIDN'T get propagated.

The ones who DID pass on their genes?

The guys who felt that passing on their genes was of UTMOST importance.

That they would do ANYTHING AT ALL to pass on their genes.

The guys in our ancient evolutionary past who would do ANYTHING to get laid, got laid.

And they passed on those "I'll do ANYTHING to get laid" genes.

So here we are today, a few hundred thousand years later.

And there you are, (the metaphorical you) walking over to talk to that cute girl.

Her instincts are going to make you jump through as many hoops as possible.

Unless you're up for that, you WILL get blown out.

But modern life is not a battle of ancient hunters.

Modern life is a battle of wits.

A battle of FRAME control.

A battle of who can best describe and give meaning to events.

This is modern way of jumping through her hoops.

Of taking whatever reasons she says she can't, and playfully and confidently turning it into a reason she CAN.

Control the story, control the outcome.

Control the meaning, control the outcome.

Control the metaphors, control the outcome.

Not just with the ladies, but with EVERYTHING.

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