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Humans have a lot of instincts.

Instincts that drive our behaviors.

If you tried to fight your instincts with your conscious mind, you'd lose every single time.

This is why the willpower diet will never work.

Just deciding consciously to stop eating past a certain number of calories per day won't work.

Your hunger instinct is the result of millions of years of natural selection.

Since way before we were self aware humans.

Whoever was the hungriest, won.

They were the most motivated to find food.

They were the most motivated to eat as much as they could, whenever they could.

That would give them a slight edge over those who only ate a little bit, when they had to face long stretches of no food.

Just deciding you don't want these instincts any more is futile.

Like fighting against the Borg.

The ONLY way to turn off any one instinct is with another instinct.

Take your typical gym rat, for example.

Well built bodies, little body fat, blatant six.

Is this just a hobby?

No, those guys want to get laid.

The desire to get laid is strong enough to COUNTER the desire to eat.

This takes a while to set up in your brain, but you'll find this deep drive behind ALL success.

All success is the expression of a particular instinct.

Sex, money, fame, a nice body, a nice house.

These are all MODERN expressions of ancient instincts.

You can even see a deep correlation between ancient alphas and modern "heroes."

Who would be KING in the ancient environment?

The best hunters.

Today, this translates into athletics.

Back then, the guy that was BEST with the spear, or BEST with the strategizing would be king.

Today, that's the stereotypical quarterback.

But there's another powerful instinct that is even MORE necessary than the QB or alpha hunter.

See, those ancient alpha hunters didn't just hunt on their own.

They had help.

From imaginary archetypes.

The heroes of ancient stories.

Ancient stories we recognize today as the Hero's Journey.

When those ancient alphas went out hunting, they carried those heroes with them.

The heroes of the stories who slayed demons and got the girls.

This story was programmed into their brain hundreds or even thousands of times.

Around the campfire when they were growing up.

So when it was time to face the evil beast, they were ready.

And if they DID face the evil beast, they got the rewards, just like their heroes.

The admiration of their friends.

The respect of the men.

The attraction and sex of the women.

So, ancient storytellers were as important, if not more, than the ancient hunters.

Who are modern storytellers?

Movie stars, directors, writers, novelists.

At least ones that help create inspiring stories filled with ancient archetypes.

People that, along with athletes are the richest and most respected.

Since this is an instinct, you are also a story teller.

Which means you can spin tales inspire friends, and get the girls.

Match your stories to people's dreams, and you will want for nothing.

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