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Three Levels Of Reframe Battles


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If you study sales, you'll eventually run into objections.

Things customers say that indicate they don't want to buy.

The next step is to figure out how to "reframe" those objections.

So when the customers says them, you can come up with somebody better.

The best reframes are the ones that turn a reason NOT to do something into a reason TO do something.

For most sales people, this is about as far a they get.

But a much more effective and enlightened approach is to anticipate the objections before they come up.

And then build in reframe IN to the sales pitch.

Think of this as a kind of "objection inoculation."

It cuts the knees off the objection before it makes the transition from their subconscious to their conscious.

This is why once you truly believe you can handle the objection, it never comes again.

From a purely linguistic standpoint, this seems paradoxical.

But from a non-verbal perspective, it makes sense.

If two boxers are fighting, they'll be able to "sniff out" each other's weaknesses.

If a customer is sitting across from a salesperson, the customer will be able to "sniff out" the salesperson's weaknesses.

This is mostly subconscious.

The customer is NOT sitting there like Spock, visualizing all the logical arguments.

When a customer voices an objection, it just "pops" into their brain.

Their subconscious reads the salesperson's non verbal body language.

Finds a weakness.

And attempts to exploit this weakness by popping an objection into their conscious mind.

Just like a boxer doesn't need to consciously notice the weakness in their opponent.

If they've trained enough, to the point of unconscious competence, everything's unconscious anyway.

This is even TRUER when it comes to dating and seduction.

When you walk over, WORRIED about what to say, you are radiating that.

So she, or he, picks up on that.

But just like in sales, if you can turn an objection into a REASON to "buy" it will work the same way.

But much, much more unconsciously.

Much more by radiating a very, very strong frame.

This is where "agree and amplify" comes in.

She tosses out an objection, seeing how you'll handle it.

Most guys crumble.

Some guys block it, duck, spin kick it.

But some guys don't flinch at all.

They AGREE with whatever she said.

They say, "Yes! I AM like that! I LOVE that about me!"

If this is said congruently, it changes the whole dynamic.

There is one more area where this type of communication happens.

And it happens ALL THE TIME.

The battle between desire and objection.

Where, specifically, does this exist?

Inside your brain.

Part of you wants a ton of stuff.

But for every one of these things, another part of you says, "Gee, I don't know..."

Learn to overcome THESE and all real life obstacles will VANISH.

Learn How:


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