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Stop Begging For Rewards


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One idea from an old book is even older.

The book is "Psycho Cybernetics."

Written by a doctor who had a lot of "data" about self perception.

And one of the recommendations (not the main recommendation) is to not ever compare yourself to others.

This is much, much easier said than done.

From a personal development standpoint, this is good advice.

If you are slowly moving forward toward a goal, for example.

You can look at how you are now.

You can look at how you were a year ago.

And this will make you feel good where you'll be in a year.

But this takes a LOT of mental fortitude.

Because they'll always be a bunch of loud mouth chuckleheads running around bragging about how EASY it is.

What makes this entire concept much more difficult is most everything is a competition.

If you are being compared to a hundred other guys interviewing for the same job, they won't really care how much better you are today compared to a year ago.

They want the BEST out of the candidates.

An attractive girl has TONS of guys competing for her attention.

If you walk up to her and tell her how much better you're doing, from a self confidence perspective, than you were a year ago, she might smile.

She might even tell you congratulations.

But she won't invite you back to her place.

This brings up another problematic idea.

Most guys see girls and money as some kind of "reward."

Like you do your homework and get a gold star.

You clean your room and get an extra scoop of ice cream.

You get a degree and your "reward" is a high paying job.

None of that is true.

Nobody unless your blood kin will give you a REWARD.

Everybody else, which includes EVERYBODY not related to you, is operating form a PURELY selfish mindset.

They will ONLY "give" you anything if they are getting something BETTER in return.

No hiring manager, for example, is going to pay you $50,000 a year UNLESS they think your presence at the company will generate MORE than $50,000 in revenue.

No girlie will EVER give you some thrills unless she thinks that is the ONLY way of keeping you around.

Which means you MUST be able to satisfy her, according to what she wants.

Most guys do the opposite.

Both for job interviews and ladies.

Guys show up, and ask to be "given a chance."

Nobody will give ANYTHING or ANYBODY a chance with money or sex on the line.

Imagine buying a mystery box at your supermarket.

They asking price is $50, but you have NO IDEA what's inside.

And all the guy says to try and sell it is:

"C'mon, man, give me a chance!"

However, there is a VERY EASY way to stand out WAY above all the other slobbering goofs.

To make her feel SO GOOD when you are around, she'll do anything to keep you or to see you again.

This is not only easy, but counterintuitive.

Learn How:


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