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Memorized lines are very, very tempting.

These go all the way back to the dawn of time.

Of using some kind of magic words to shortcut the regular effort.

Tons of diets and get rich quick schemes are based on the idea of circumventing normal efforts.

Nowhere is this more prevalent in the area of dating and seduction.

Think of the typical male fantasy for sex.

To see what this is, structurally, you don't have to look much further than porn.

Particularly something like "Bang Bus."

Guys are driving down the street in a creepy van.

They see some really hot lady walking down the street.

One guy leans out the window and says:

"Hey babe, wanna have a gang bang?"

To which she IMMEDIATELY smiles and says:

"Wow! OK!"

It's actually pretty interesting seeing the ideal male fantasy and female fantasy from an evolutionary psychology perspective.

Men and women were programmed to "trade" with one another.

This "trade" happens slowly and subconsciously.

The man provides resources, the woman makes more people and manages the family.

Both men AND women are programmed with instincts to feel good when this happens.

Men are programmed to feel good when they go out, kill some big animal and see the smiling grateful faces of their wife and kids.

Women are programmed to feel good knowing their husband is out risking his life to provide for her and the kids.

But in modern times, this is very, very rare.

Enter the sex and romantic fantasies.

For men, this is like Bang Bus.

All the sex, but none of the provisioning.

For women, this is those fantasy vampire movies.

MASSIVE amounts of power, and little to no sex.

Which is why that first Twilight movie was so successful.

The vampire loved his girl SO MUCH he didn't want to "penetrate" her with his "vampire stick" and "corrupt" her.

He wanted to keep her PURE.

All the male protection, but zero penetration required.

OR sex that is very, very confidently delivered.

Near pornographic stories of vampires jack hammering their grateful and multiple orgasmic ladies.

This why vampires are the IDEAL fantasy archetypes for women.

For men, it's solitary, super hot 18 year old who LOVES the idea of losing her virginity to a van full of strangers.

But beyond fantasies, because normal relationships are so messed up, so chaotic, so hit and miss in today's clown show society, EVERYBODY loves the idea of a "secret shortcut."

Of memorizing a few lines and using them to get sex, or love, or money.

But this is missing the point.

There ARE some very powerful techniques to create sex, or money, or even love.

But it requires you UNDERSTAND their instincts that are NOT getting fulfilled.

And asking about their stories.

And guess what?

There are some very simple topics, or themes, to ask about.

And the more you ask, the bigger you make THEIR pictures around these ancient themes, the more they'll be willing to do anything to keep you around.

Learn More:


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